About Us

Tech4Life Enterprises is a socially motivated innovative research and design company, specialized in telemedicine and point of care devices. We design innovative technology solutions to empower the health providers.

eSteth is one of the innovative products in healthcare technology. It is setting new standards with 100x amplification. Internal storage provides you with the ease to store your or patient’s heart sounds. You can also connect your eSteth with your Smartphone, Tablet & PC via Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio cable (included in box). You can make the most of eSteth by performing real-time transfer of heart-sounds.

We critically examined the regular consultation process and realized that there is a strong need of an affordable & quality digital stethoscope which can amplify heart sounds for clarity, transmit these sounds for reference purposes & also store for future use. With changing technologies, now healthcare providers be it doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and even patients themselves feel the need of having a reliable digital stethoscope with them.

After rigorous research, thorough engineering process, reliable validations & cost-effective manufacturing process; Tech4Life Enterprises brings world’s most powerful yet affordable digital stethoscope.

eSteth transmits high quality heart and lung sounds through mobile and web channels, and thus provides one of the most critical tool in examining a patient during a telemedicine consultation.