eSteth Mobile App

eSteth mobile application allows health providers to connect eSteth with their smartphones via Bluetooth or audio jack. The application allows management of heart sounds, view heart rhythm, record the session, and also share with other health providers for second opinion.

eSteth app manages heart and lung sounds in the following ways:

  • Live Display
  • Sound analysis
  • Recording for health records
  • Sharing with other providers

eSteth app performs following functions:

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Volume Control
  • Display on placement avatar
  • Wave forms
  • Storing information


  • Connection test
  • Recording button
  • Start/Stop button
  • Volume Control
  • Pause/Resume/Slow Motion
  • Wave Forms displayed on the screen


  • All the features on patient side for control of the device are also available with the reviewer.
  • Reviewer can review information on the same app with his/her login information.
  • He/she can view heart rhythm, listen to sounds & also comment by creating notifications.
  • For video consultation, a user will be redirected to MDConsults application.


  • eSteth app conveniently displays a human avatar on phone. The user can select preset locations on the avatar by clicking on the areas where eSteth is placed


  • eSteth app records heart and lung sounds on mobile phone with Unique filename.
  • Recorded file can be shared with the providers added on the contact list directly from the app.
  • Recorded file can also be shared through any other medium e.g. WhatsApp, Skype etc.
  • Health provider can also use the file for live consultation using MDConsults or other telemedicine software.